How does Connect Locations work?

If your current service provider isn’t available at your new address, Connect Locations will tell you which provider in your new area will best fit your needs. Partnered with the biggest names in telecommunications, Connect Locations will connect you with the best deals from a huge selection of providers all around the nation.



How much does Connect Locations cost?

Using Connect Locations is completely free. You’ll only pay for the products and services you purchase through Connect Locations.



Who provides the services I order?

Connect Locations connects you to available service providers based on where you live, but the products and services you purchase come directly from the providers you choose. If you need technical support or have customer service inquiries, you should contact your service provider. Because Connect Locations doesn’t supply the services made available through our site, we are not responsible for any action or failure on the part of your provider.



How safe is my information?

Connect Locations keeps your information completely safe and private at all times. To help protect your personal information, none of your details are transmitted online. Instead, when you speak to one of our specialists via an authorized phone number, your info is ported directly to the provider. This information will only be used to set up your account and will not be accessible by any other third parties.



Why should I use Connect Locations?

Using Connect Locations during your move will save you time and money. We’re backed by the biggest names in home services, which means we have access to all of the latest deals and promotions from AT&T, CenturyLink, Fronteir, Verizon, and Windstream. We pass that access on to you.



How can I get help using Connect Locations?

If you ever need help, or have questions about Connect Locations, feel free to email us at


Can I use different payment methods?

The provider you purchase your service from will determine your payment options. The most common methods of accepted payment are credit card, electronic funds transfer, or check.



Does Connect Locations work outside the US?

Because Connect Locations partners with the best home service providers in the nation—and these providers are not available internationally—Connect Locations is currently only available for people living in the U.S.

Good Deals for Smart People

Connect Locations partners with the top service brands in the nation to provide customers with maximum savings and useful resources. Thanks to relationships with companies like Comcast, Centurylink, Ultra Mobile and others, Connect Locations can connect you with the best deals on the perfect services.   Connect Locations finds better deals for smart people and make everything simple and easy.